Adventuring Art Youtube Channel

Please take a moment to go subscribe to the new Adventuring Art Youtube channel! All new videos with original and authorized music by myself and other musicians and artists. Here’s the link!  
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New Paintings! Winter 2018

Here are the samples of the new paintings going on display or out the door! The large moon painting and the Palmartichoke mother are already sold! Email me for details on how to catch them before they’re sold. Watch my instagram stories! More Adventuring Art Acrylic Paintings to come in January!
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The Box World

The Woodheads began as a portrait series of friends. It then became a series of sad self portraits, as they were mutilated, dried, and carved. The new series is a two part that depicts my friends, and another that depicts the darker side of society that I have learned to avoid. This is the darker one. The box world is filled with a square headed, blind, armless, mold of creatures that are trapped inside of another box. Some grow eyes, and they always seem to creep up toward the light, if not just to see what’s outside.
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