Short Film Projects

Many short film projects are underway. A new video has been published on the and will soon be on Youtube in HD when finished color correction. All of the footage was shot with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and a Lumix 14-45mm and an old Konica Macro lens at 57mm. Lots of new things are under way. I have been participating with another artist friend producing multiple projects at Art in Real Time in Nashville, TN. They are soon moving to the Dallas area. Many more updates coming soon! Check out the as well for all the #inktober drawings from last month!
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Art in Real Time – Artist Residency

This video shows a lot of things including two deceased friends. One is a man, who went by the name of Kodiak, and one was my baby kitty Geri. Geri the Magical Cat. The Artist Residency was inside of an old warehouse that had done repairs and begun renting out units. We were right behind a well known and high traffic tavern, Pisgah Brewery. They have lots of big concerts out back of their venue, and we had arts and entertainment for those wondering back our way. We projected “movie night” on Saturdays that was really fun to participate in. I created 3 rocking chairs for the chamber of commerce in the “Little Town that Rocks” displayed my van as i painted the design on the side of the first Adventuring Art Vanagon (#vanlife) and created a large installation painting for the brewery. Thanks again Eddie, you are a very good friend. Art in Real Time’s current location is in Nashville! Catch many different artistic opportunities to participate in the creative process as they move across the country! The intention of this video is to reflect how I felt while at this residency, it is not intended to sell art, […]
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