New Paintings! Winter 2018

Here are the samples of the new paintings going on display or out the door! The large moon painting and the Palmartichoke mother are already sold! Email me for details on how to catch them before they’re sold. Watch my instagram stories! More Adventuring Art Acrylic Paintings to come in January!
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The Northwest Adventure (2012)

September 24th 2012 A fair winter is coming. One year ago the cold chased me down the east coast to a mystical forest. A year before that I bound for the west in a couple of vehicles and soon my own two feet.I explored the California coast and just thought to myself.. I need a bike. The cats led me here, the cats led me there, the cats led me just about everywhere.. I’ve met people since then, cat people. I’ve met some people that proved worth every minute of our short lived time together. I even travelled the entire country with cat people and one in particular that took me all the way to the west coast once again.. with a bike. People come and people go, people that really care about you show their beautiful colors. The others, well they hide them, under a tone of grey we see time and time again.
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