political art
Trump leading the christians to demise

The inevitable rise of fanaticism. It’s not far from fascism. Authoritarians that boast their opinions publicly and justify violence and say unbalanced things always create uprising. This has been shown time and time again in history. The president surrounds himself with big business and law enforcement and creates a tirade of online propaganda all under the promise of getting another conservative onto the supreme court. The 7 churches follow, and now we stand at a locked gate faced with violent unmarked federal police. Looting, violence, and unrest are simply a product of thousands of unhappy people gathering in the streets. Now we face it at a time of mass unemployment and market shortage. As the federal government continues to refuse the grievances of millions of Americans, protests have intensified all over the US for over 50 days. Fascism is the arbitrary deployment of law based on fabrications and special interest. Welcome to America 2020.

This painting was painted in 2005 just after the creation of the Department of Homeland Security was created under republicans to “fight terror” and incarcerate civilians without bail.