The man on the lake is a self portrait of an experience I had in a remote lake that was almost dried up. It was night time and it felt like an ocean having walked out into the middle of it, with the full moon above lighting everything around me as if it were daytime. This piece hangs in a private residence.
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Space Monkeys

This is my most classically recognized piece. This is acrylic art reflecting my feelings when I return to the midwest. My hometown, quincy, IL. It’s not just Illinois though, it’s everywhere where people huddle into tiny boxes on the hillside like pueblo cells. They get in their locked up boxes and watch TV. I’m doing that right now actually in a dingy motel 6… we all have our vices…
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Gold World

These paintings reflect different things about my interaction with human beings. Human beings tend to live in a reflective metallic world where language is hard to read. They tend to have their backs turned immediately due to life disappointments, and everything is very shiny. This is the story book type of love.
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