Seed Maker

As the clouds part, life sprouts from all of the cloud monster’s cracks. Cloud Monsters. Seed maker. What came first the tree or the seed? The seed maker, in her fiery joints she sows seed that one day spreads across the earth. Her skin a mix of earth, and molten, fungus and plant, and she walks for thousands of years, creating every form of life she can, playing with the sun and the seeds of life floating in the gas clouds that once covered the skies. Art by David Brothers @adventuringart
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Pink Cloud Monster

This is a 16×20 Cloud Monster acrylic painting. The second cloud monster painting was purchased by a one of my oldest friends who is no longer with us. She lost her life sadly in 2017. I will miss her. Rest in Peace Donna. She always supported adventuring art and wanted to join in the adventure, but never could seperate from the old life.
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A Cloud Monster

The Cloud Monsters are an ongoing series from the 2000 sometime era of my life. They use to just play in the clouds, now they are growing life from their backs and spreading the early seeds of Earth. More to come!
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