Short Stories

This all began as a child. Like most freaks in the street I have a villian / superhero backstory that most people don’t want to hear about. I tend to just put it all on the table, first thing, so I don’t end up explaining to people why I’m so weird. In social settings I’m perfectly fine but on a personal level I tend to neglect friendships or have a scewed perspective on them. While I value close friendships, none of my oldest friends live the way I do, and most of my new friends are either hit or miss, and then they travel on. I’ve learned over the years that I relate to animals much more than people anyway.

As a strange traumatized little boy I would make my way into closets and create little “art studios.” This was easy because my parents would always be ditching me at church, so I would find the janitor’s closet or the art supply closet. As I remember they both had lights, and then old ladies would find me in there. Two old ladies in particular come to mind as my “mentors” they thought it was great and got me the right supplies. I would then have my own section in the closet, while discouraging me from “using” it as an actual studio.

Now I am caretaker of a nice little property with my very own workshop. It is a small building like the pre-built lowes sheds, made solid out of wood and easily upgradable into some sort of cabin. I made it a fully functional art studio and woodshop. Over my 10 years of travel I’ve collected pawn shop cameras and lenses as well. Now I have access to enough equipment to make a full feature film. I don’t keep the good stuff in the studio, or have employees or actors.. or money… but… slow and steady wins the race… right? Have a look: