Thanksgiving in the Desert (2010)

I will never forget that day in the desert with ole Wild Bill. A tale of giving. On the final Thursday of November 2010, I was stuck in the deserts of southern California. I still had the Jeep and was living on BLM land south of Joshua Tree National Park. I’d made a friend over the month or so I had lived out there, he was a man in his 50s named Bill. It was the end of the month. I got paid on Fridays and had used up the rest of my funds on.. whatever. Good ole Bill was a veteran and was awaiting his monthly installment coming at the beginning of December. We began the day with nothing. I awoke early that morning to Bill’s van pulling onto my patch of land just south of the desert mountains where they dip off into the coachella valley just before dropping off of the high land plateaus. We were “desert rats.” Before I could sit up Bill had jumped out of his van and was knocking on the Jeep. “Hey man, you got any cigerettes? I’ll make coffee!” We went back to his camp in the van, I had a […]
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