Art Prints


Adventuring Art prints are made to look like the real paintings, stretched on real canvas.


All prints are touched up with by hand and shipped by me, Dave Brothers, and will be signed and addressed with love letters. Collect all 60! hahaha (more to come)

Use the paypal cart below or send to at Include your order in the description and please contact me personally so I can say hello!

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Tree Freaks

The Palmartichokes are 12x24 originals, usaully. The canvas prints are made at 10x20 for $75 shipped. Each canvas print is touched up by hand so please be patient, these are highly detailed.

These are high resolution images so you can zoom into the details so please be patient as they may take some time to load.

Chrome People

Chrome People Paintings are various sizes. They are my helpers. Prints are 11x14. $50 shipped.

The Woodheads

The woodheads are portraits of friends and of myself. They portray different feelings and are sometimes carved and dried. The new woodheads in 2018 will be gathered into groups and show us another view point of their existance.

Prints are 11x14 ($50 shipped) and the square one is printed at different sizes.


These paintings are all various sizes printed at the standard two sizes I've been making (11x14 and 10x20) These paintings usaully represent a feeling.

The Space Monkeys, how I feel in my hometown. The Gold People, in my relationships, and so on..

Tree Accidents

These poor guys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.. for a long time...

The Wood Women

The Wood Women are special powerful women I've met made to look as if they've been carved from wood. These women I met on the road, not as lovers or anything, but as empowered women of the woods. 

These prints are larger: 14x16 $100 Shipped.

Iris Paintings

Two of these are installations in public places. One in Illinois, and one in Black Mountain North Carolina. 12x12 $50

Moon Paintings

Moon Paintings are a great meditation for me. I like to try and paint them as realistic as possible but from memory. 

The Cloud Monsters

This seems to be a favorite. They are colorful and strange and a bit better in person. I do, however, put extra time into each print to bring out the subtle details of the cloud monster. 

The new cloud monsters from 2016 on have been growing plant life out of their rocky, tree-y skin.

These are 11x14 $50 shipped.