The Hostel in the Forest Art Residency

I was artist in residence at the Hostel in the Forest 7 years ago. Upon returning, it would seem like almost nothing had changed. Artists that come and go never seem to want to live way out in the woods as I did, they always seem to be “work-traders” now painting murals that sleep in the work trader hut.. An Artist in Residence protects the space, lives there and does a combination of their own art, and art within the hostel, running events, and showing others how their healing process works. The Co-Lab becomes trashed every month by white guys with dreadlocks. This video is to remind everyone what it’s really like at the Hostel, to promote the Artist in Residence position in the future, and show people what is possible when your friends are travelling artists and carpenters and woodsman. This is also an effort to drown out the “college kid” vibe that the current Youtube videos portray. The hostel was never for posting backflips in the pond. We share ourselves with the space. We don’t just try to incorporate our own bullshit, we fix what is there, we help the space grow. A’ho This video does not represent the Hostel in the Forest, rather, my experience there. Music: Zoe Keating – Mystery Song Live Performance Voice: Terence Mckenna


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