The Appalachians (2011)

I have arrived in the Appalachians! After days of train and bus riding, I’m here! In Asheville North Carolina. I took the Illinois Zephyr to Chicago, laid over for like 8 hours wandering the streets in the cold rain, took the Cardinal to Charleston West Virginia, and stayed with a friend. She was great! West Virginia must be the cool one cuz this was a very artsy “beat” town! Took the 8:20 AM all over the freakin united states until finally one of the places had a bus that went to Asheville! The plus side to this was that the buses seemed to all go through the mountains one way or another. We climbed and descended probably 4 times before I finally got here! The security guard here has done the Appalachian Trail all the way through twice! This hostel is amazing! So far I’ve eaten quail egg, bamboo shoot, string mushroom, tofu, and cajun boiled peanuts! We are off to an amazing start! Bring on the fried chicken and collard greens!! I was greeted by the city on Twitter, and Swiss Army mentioned my adventure seeing as that pack is pretty much all I packed. “Oh it’s got everything in there! It’s like the swiss army knife, it don’t look like much, but it’s got everything in there!” So far off to a good start!!

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