Art Tour 2018 (New)


Since 2013, once a year, I have gone on “Art Tour” The spring time, when everyone has their tax return money, is the best time to tour with your art. Students are about to graduate and they are walking the towns with their parents, everyone comes out and about to enjoy the nice weather, Spring is it and memorial day weekend gets crazy busy, then it’s time for summer time. This year I toured California but without any finished originals. I thought, I’d just deliver a couple of pieces of art, and hang out at some of my favorite national forest spots in between for some quality alone time.

Well California, you win. I’m not coming back for a while, not until you straiten up your act and remember how you got here in the first place. There is a new lower class cleansing happening in California, the rich people are sick and tired of the mentally ill crowding their public areas, and they are flushing them out or locking them up.

I am writing this from frustration, as I’ve just discovered, after many other spots had been taken away by the governments, that camping is no longer allowed at Lake Shastina. This is incredibly sad to me. I spoke with a local who told me tweakers were living there leaving trash everywhere and the county passed an ordinance. This “bad apple” mindset and removal of public privilege is happening all over #california. More and more people who can no longer afford to live are taking to their vehicles and they are doing everything they can to flush those people out of the state.. from extreme sales tax, to hiked gas and housing prices the state is turning into a cesspool of confused citizens resorting to violence feeling nowhere to turn. The tax money isn’t going into infrastructure or public service, its going toward law enforcement. The police are becoming more violent, no parking signs are going up everywhere, and city ordinances allowing the targeting of vehicle dwellers are being passed in hundreds of cities. Its the war on the lower class. Now who is gonna pick all that fruit?? California used to be based on a culture of adventurers and surfing freeloaders. The shoreline highways used to be packed with van dwellers and people all over the united States used to dream of splitting for the coast with their campers! Now they are met with signs, batons, and tow trucks. You for freedom. California! I thought you were suppose to be cool.. I just cleaned all the trash from Lake Shastina one year ago. #blmland #camping #nationalforest #vw#campervan #vanlife #noparking

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