About Adventuring Art

For 8 years I’ve been travelling the United States distributing my art. For many years before that I worked as a professional artist on many published and independent projects, and maintained a normal job at an art store bringing home half of my paycheck in art supplies. Eventually local promotion, and making art for others, just wasn’t enough and I wanted to work for myself full time. I started 100 extra pounds heavier with a mobile job, computers, car, and a need to see the remaining nature in America for my inspiration. I would eventually find myself stranded in the desert with nothing and no money.

In the Beginning

I began a new life on foot, as a "character" from a story. Hippies, natives, and other new friends named me, "The Cat Man" i believe because i can talk to cats, and act like one. Or they were making fun of me.

The first few years of my journeys were captured with a cell phone. I got ahold of a used GoPro and began making nicer looking time-lapse animations and adventure videos. Since then, I've sold art all over the United States. I've served art residencies, and left behind 10 or so Art Installations.

Artist Residencies

Art in Real Time is one of a few artist residency programs I've participated in. My biggest job is inspiring other artists. I've come to know many artists, working in many different community art spaces, and grow with each experience. 

Geri The Magical Cat changed my life completely about 4 years into my journeys while I was living on a bicycle.

Recycled Art

Everything I have is recycled, or bought used, or purchased from a small business. Many things have been donated for the journey by people who believe in my art. 

Art Tour

Upon creating an entire mobile art show, I began taking part in First Fridays walks across the country. Goldy the Monster Vanagon was soon created. Found in the forest and traded for art, I took it to Colorado where I traded more art for a new front end, and much more. 

Now I live in nature, cleaning federal land, visiting hotsprings and taking footage of nature. Adventuring Art Films are getting gradually better as I acquire more equipment and visit more places.